Tax-Smart Giving

Planned giving

You can help us ensure that the best research is funded and that families with missing children are supported. At the same time, you can benefit by seeing your taxes significantly lowered. You can arrange a legacy for Child Find Canada Inc.  by gifting stock, an insurance policy or annuity or by naming the charity as a beneficiary in your will or trust. Tax-smart gift planning can help you to increase tax protection within your financial or estate plans. Your legacy could help Child Find Canada and its provincial partners significantly reduce the incidence of missing and exploited children for generations to come.

Child Find Canada would not be able to offer support services or fund important research & training without the generous help of donors and volunteers. Child Find Canada makes the best use of every donated dollar. We are supported by donations from the public.
Do you have a will? Is your will up to date?
Without a will, your property and finances are settled according to federal and provincial laws, which may not reflect your wishes, and may put a financial strain on your estate. It is just as important to review your will and make changes that reflect your changing life, such as marriages, children, illness, grandchildren, divorce, buying or selling property, or perhaps simply changing your mind. Ensure that your loved ones and your favourite charity receive the legacy you want.

It is highly recommended that donors consult with their own tax or legal advisors prior to making a planned gift or updating their will. There are a variety of ways planning giving can be incorporated into your estate planning including: bequests/gifts by will, charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, endowment gifts, gifts of life insurance or through gifts of publicly traded securities.

For more information

If you would like more information about planning a gift to benefit the charity, please contact us at or by phone at 800-387-7962.

Should you decide to arrange for a gift to Child Find Canada in your will, please let us know. We would like to be able to express our appreciation to you personally for your commitment and support. Your gift intention will be held in strictest confidence.