About Infant Abduction

Infant abduction is an issue of concern in Canada. While there have only been five reported cases since 1990, (two of which were abducted for hospitals), it is essential that this issue be addressed and preventative steps be implemented to ensure this number is eliminated or at least remains low.

Infant abductions are usually premeditated acts, however, the infant abducted is usually the victim of impulse and opportunity on the abductor's part. In most cases a ruse is used to take the infant. The abductor tends to pose as a health care professional.

Health care institutions do have a stringent security measures in place to deter any action against those in their charge. However, these institutions are also busy facilities where a stranger's presence can easily go unnoticed. It is the hope that this information will provide valuable data about infant abduction and in turn reinforce the security measures your facility has in place.