Ideas on Wellness

Grieving and wellness may seem unrelated, but unresolved grief often leads to illness and always leads to a decline in wellness. Wellness is defined as a condition in which the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions of our being are balanced so that we can use our energy effectively in pursuing our goals. Loss of a loved one upsets the balance and reduces our energy. Grieving is the process of restoring our energy and affirming our goals.

In the physical area, exercise and nutrition are extremely important. Emotional wellness is dependent on having someone you can talk to without having to apologize for your feelings. Learn how to identify our feelings to yourself and others. Strive for mental wellness by learning to keep a positive image of the loved one in your mind. Spiritual wellness is achieved by keeping in touch with your source of energy, perhaps through some form of prayer. Helping others who need you is very beneficial.

Recognize that whatever you think, feel, question, or believe is acceptable. Do not make excessive demands or impose rigid restrictions on yourself. Communicate tolerance, compassion, and love. Live through your grief. As you slowly heal, work for balance in yourself in your permanently changed world.